Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Mickey Mouse 2nd Birthday Party

We had to have Matthew's party the Saturday before his birthday because some of our family was going to be out of town, but it ended up being a great day for it (we thought). Saturday morning was just as busy as the previous two had been. Blowing up balloons, cooking food, cutting fruit, all things that were just last minute details all had to be done. The party was June 12th and everyone came in time for lunch. I give a lot of my birthday ideas to a few different parties I found around the internet but I have to say I love how things turned out.

The invitations I made. (I'm not sure why I do this to myself. You would think that I could just buy them already made).

His homemade shirt I found on Etsy. So cute with a Mickey Mouse 2.

These are our centerpieces we made from styrofoam painted black. We just painted the cheap clay pots found in any garden center at Walmart. The buttons were just glued on.

These are the apples we made Thursday. When we went to Disneyland, we saw these and I instantly fell in love with them. I bought one for Ammon ($9 a piece) and just knew we'd have to make them for the party. Each family got one.

The kids' table all set with the plates found at Disneyland. We also tied a red balloon on each chair for each guest to take home with them. I only got Mickey Mouse napkins instead of using Mickey plates, cups, etc.

The cake and the Mickey cake pops we found on Bakerella. We actually used the mini-mini Chips Ahoy cookies for the ears. The cake pops were chocolate since most of the cake was vanilla.

I downloaded a few Mickey fonts (a Walt Disney one, a Mickey one and a Mickey ears one) and I used them for everything including this banner. We also cut out some Mickey ears in plain black paper we hung everywhere too. We probably had hundreds of ears around if you count every cake pop, headband and plate. It was too cute.

I made all the favor bags too. I typed the guest's name and cut every letter out to glue it on the bag (I'm weird) and then at Disneyland I'd gotten suckers and Mickey coins. I got bubbles and downloaded a bubbles label, a Mickey blower,a Mickey sticker and everyone got a ball. Everyone else got a color-your-own Mickey puzzle with crayons, but Matthew's was a little better with more crayons and a bigger puzzle.

When the guests first came, the boys got ears with a party hat and the girls wore Minnie ears. We also had them sign a paper for us to remember who came!

For Pin-The-Ear on Mickey. We used the fridge because it was just the kids' height.

Rice Krispies treats for each child.

The apples had a sign on them that thanked them for coming.

I also made these labels to go on the waters--kids got the mini ones and adults the regular-size.

The food table where we had the adults sit if they wanted.

Also at Disneyland I got Mickey pretzels and made a trail mix out of them. I just got red, yellow and black M&Ms from Walmart (they were about $2.50 more at Michaels, I just lucked out finding the individual colors another place) and combined them with peanuts.

Cheese balls (after all, Mickey is a mouse!)

I also found Mickey-shaped cheeses at Walmart and it was perfect for the kids. The tables were just set with dollar store plastic tablecloths and red, black and yellow forks, spoons and knives.

We had just Little Caesar's pizza and fruit for the adults, all shaped like Mickey. About ten minutes before the party started and after EVERYTHING was set up and when the food was about two minutes from getting done, huge gusts of wind came and blew EVERYTHING down. We had broken centerpieces, flattened balloons and missing napkins. I wasn't too happy to move everything inside, but it all turned out okay in the end. It was just so not cool when we had spent hours setting things up outside and when no one got to see it outside.

We got some Mickey-shaped pasta at Disneyland and made it Macaroni and cheese style (with stealing the cheese out of the Kraft boxes) and made the Mickey chicken nuggets we found at Costco. This was the perfect meal for the kids! Every single one of them loved the menu!

Matthew loving the food!

After we had moved the party inside.

After lunch, we went outside and the kids played the games.

Even Reese, only 16 months, could play and she did such a good job!

Reese, Camren, Maddie, Matthew, Gavin, Amelia. Mackenzie came later!

Matthew would just hug Camren the whole time. He loves her!

With Sloan

Next we played a basketball-type game. It was too fun to watch them try to make the ball in the trash can (Matthew's favorite).

Then Matthew realized we were playing with a trash can and he wanted to drag it around. Funny kid.

All the kiddies (except the babies).

Ammon with Brooklyn.

Next was time for presents. Matthew got so many gifts and everyone loves him. He got Pete's Dragon, Toy Story 3 cars, a big ball, Mega Blocks and a truck to go along with it, Mickey Mouse swimming toys and other Mickey toys all in a Mickey pail (Tabby is so good!), sidewalk chalk, more swimming toys and new pj's plus more toys. He had an okay time opening presents, but he was not that into it this year. All the kids loved to help!

Next was time for cake and ice cream. We had Tabby and Maddie Miller, Carolee, Chick and Camren, Teri Castillo brought her nephews Matthew and Henry, the Jacksons all came (with Micah and Mackenzie), Shaun, Gina, Amelia, Sloan, Zane (even though he had to work he still came and it was so nice), Gavin, Reese, Chris, my mom and dad and Margaret came later. We had a good crowd!

He sure loved watching everyone sing to him and to blow out his candles. (I can't believe he's 2!)

He has loved to do this this year!

With Teri and the twins. She was such a saint to bring them without help. I was so busy I didn't get to really spend as much time with all the guests that I wanted which was too bad, but I sure loved these boys! They are so adorable and Matthew crawls just like Matthew used to! So funny!

Our family!

The kids were able to play a little afterwards and it was cute to watch them.

All eating pizza.

Overall, it was a great party and everyone seemed to enjoy it. I had fun planning it, but I have to say when Matthew went down for a nap, I wanted to just sit and breathe. It took a lot out of me but it sure was worth it for our little 2-year-old!


MC Lewis said...

I'm so sad we ended up having to miss it. It looks like it was a lot of fun. However it would have been no fun to pass along strep. Happy Birthday Matthew!

Etta said...

It's amazing... 20th june we were doing the same thing for my 3 year old son!! In Italy :-)
If you like take a look here:


Lauri said...

Where did you find your Mickey Mouse ears? Or did you make them?

Cynthia D. said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! I'm throwing my son a Mickey's 1st Birthday party in March and this was good inspiration.

palak munim said...

HI,,my 23 months ols twin boys r turning 2 next month,,i dont even hve 2 weeks left but loved yr theme n my boys r totally into mickey,,,they just love it,,,can u please email me yr email id or contact no,,i need some help from u,,my id is:
will really appreciate it

Drew Watts said...

Oh my god! That’s a perfect theme party. I am surprised to see that you were able to find mickey shaped nuggets! Wow! I would definitely do this for my kid. Its his birthday next month and we are planning to celebrate it in one of the Chicago event space. Thanks for such a superb plan!