Sunday, June 5, 2011

Addison's Blessing

When I think about the blessings that have gone on in our family over the last few years, I get excited. I love these blessings. They are so special. I remember Amelia's. We all went to Provo. Even my aunt Pam even though she missed it because she was late...(I know, weird, right? That Pam would be late. So weird.) Amelia was so sweet and extra special, because well, she was first. There will always be something exceptional about her because she came almost four years before anyone else.

Gavin's was sweet because he was the first grandson. He was one of the cutest little boy babies I've ever seen. Also at his blessing, I'd just found out I was pregnant and was sick as a dog. I hated it and was still in denial to telling people I was pregnant. We'd come down from Utah for it and got to have a luncheon at the Hadfield home. I was so busy with school, working at the temple and throwing up that I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I should've.

Then there was Matthew's. Eight months later. So many memories from this one. Ammon gave a wonderful blessing that made me realize how lucky I am to have a husband who holds the priesthood who can bless our children. Cody came down for it and Cliff was able to be there. Ammon's family isn't active in the church so he didn't get to have any of his family in the circle, but it was nice having mine there. Chris was in Romania and we missed him very much. It was also so extremely hot that summer in 2008. We had a nice luncheon afterwards and we had a blue chocolate fountain. That was so much fun.

After nine months pass, it's time for another blessing. We were leaving for Kentucky soon so I don't remember much about Reese's blessing but that we were so close. Since we were living in Green Valley at the time, it didn't take us much time at all to get to Sloan and Zane's ward. We again had a nice luncheon at Zane's parents' house. I remember how sweet Reese looked. And now, here we are over two years later at another one. I wanted this to be special because Shaun and Gina will not be having any more kids (unless they adopt of course) and because they've been waiting so long for this little girl to come. I'd been wanting to make white cake pops for a long time and so when Gina asked me to make cake pops for the blessing, I was really excited. I told her exactly what I was going to do and she didn't even have a chance to tell me what she wanted. I LOVED the way they turned out and they could possibly be my most favorite cake pops I've ever made. I LOVED having a blue chocolate fountain at Matthew's, but this was so...pure. So sweet and precious. Perfect for a perfect little girl. I also made her a sweet white binky clip that went perfectly with the day.
Addison Cora Bailey (ACB, just like Amelia)
Shaun did a really good job on the blessing. It was quite long, but for anyone who knows Shaun, is this really surprising?! Really?! We missed my dad again on such a special occasion, but Sloan wasn't able to be there either so it didn't feel quite as weird since we had someone else missing other than him.
Matthew probably had 13 cake pops. Okay, he would've if I would've let him. But this kid has a serious sweet tooth and if asked, he can tell you all about cake pops, cupcakes and cakes. He watches me do them once a week so he's become quite pro. We went to the store and went down the cake isle. "You making more cake pops Mom? Again?"
Pam, Koldin, Kathan and my Grandma Elva were all able to be there at the Cokers' house for the luncheon. We had some great pasta with even better bread.
I seriously wonder how weird it would be to have another baby? I can't even think about!
Congrats Shaun and Gina! And Addison? We love you girly!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Matthew's last game and first trophy

Matthew's soccer season seemed to go by so quickly. And let's just say that he was by far the smallest and youngest on the team. He never made a goal, but he did kick the ball. Watching 2 and 3 year olds kick a soccer ball and try to get a goal (on their side) is a hoot. It was really a good source of entertainment and I looked forward to it. The kids, including Matthew, looked forward to the "treats" afterwards and this bit of info was often used towards the kids as a bribe. "Hurry, go run and kick it in and you'll get a treat after!" I was so proud that Matthew was never whiny, never hurt and never cared when he fell. And let's be honest. When you're 2 and running in cleats, especially cleats that are a little too big for you, and your uniform is falling off of you, you're going to fall. And every time, he got right back up. He ran and ran and ran. He loved watching his shadow and was so excited to see his friends twice a week. Since they practiced Tuesdays, they got used to seeing each other every few days. He loved his coaches and he would go around at random times and say "Little Devils" because that's what his coach would say to them to get their attention. They were some patient and very fun for the kids. I was so sad to see the season go. Every time Matthew played, something miraculous happened. HE HAD AN APPETITE! I remember specifically leaving practice one day and he just kept asking for food. He ate every bite of his dinner. We couldn't believe it. And without even being asked. REALLY! It was truly amazing! He talked about it, wondered when he was going to go, and it was so good for him to get out and run with kids his age that weren't in the nursery and for him to get some exercise. I can't wait until he can play t-ball. Now THAT will be cute! His last game was June 4th and everyone decided to just have their little party with trophies right afterwards. It was good because Chris, Gina, Amelia and Addison all came along with us that day. Even though all the games were in Aliante, we had a fun time going every Saturday because that meant that it was nap time when we got home! It was so early for all of us (most games were either at 8 or 8:30 am meaning we had to leave at 7:20 or 7:45 which meant that Matthew woke up three hours early and I only got three hours sleep!).
I loved half time because they were always all so thirsty. It was so cute as they'd run to their parents to get a drink.
Matthew's support group! My mom came to EVERY game.
Go Little Devils! I never counted how many games they won or how many goals they got in a single game because at 2, who really cares anyway?
I brought RED velvet cupcakes to the party. They all had their numbers on them too.
Congratulations Matthew! Good job bud on a great season! You're the best!
One of my most favorite pictures I ever taken! This is so dang cute. I wish they could've been in better lighting. They were all so proud as their parents clapped and cheered.
Another good one!
Can you see how big his uniform is?
Matthew and his coaches. They both had daughters on the team.
Sad to see it end!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Official toddler.

After one time of getting out of bed and me telling him that he needed to stay in until I came to get him in the mornings, we have an official toddler who stays put and every morning I come into "Mommm! I'm awake!" It really is no different than the crib for him. He didn't have a problem adjusting and never mentioned his crib after we told him he was getting a new bed. We got it for free from a neighbor who was moving and the bedding was from my parents last year for his birthday. I thought it was time to put it to some use before it came time to have another birthday present!
The saddest part? He's not a baby anymore.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May 3rd. Weird, random, sad, happy day.

When I think to explain how my May 3rd this year went, I can't think of any better word to describe it but random. It was weird. Random. Sad. And mostly happy when looking at the outcome because we added another addition to our family. Addison Cora Bailey was born! This little girl has been rather impatiently and anxiously awaiting to come to her parents for years. I couldn't be happier for Shaun and Gina (and Amelia) that she is finally here. Even better is that she has a head full of curly dark hair that goes along with her cute face that looks exactly like Amelia's. She really is a little Amelia just with dark hair. Cody and Kaylynn happened to be in town that day (Cody always seems to be here on important family days. Coincidence? Don't know!) and Ammon had to work but we got to go to the hospital to see her and Shaun and Gina. Matthew couldn't have been happier. He was completely obsessed with her and wanted to be by her the whole time. He didn't want to leave. So excited to hold this sweet little thing anytime she's around. Cody, Kaylynn, Shaun, me with Addy, Gina, Matthew, Amelia, Chris and Amanda Had to represent before BYU got it!

September 5, 2005-May 3, 2011
The sad part about May 3rd was unexpected but not. My dad's dog, Ginger was pregnant (much to our dismay and not being able to keep little dogs out of our yard--yes, she should've been spayed, but that's not my fault!) and we were expecting her to bring those puppies anyday. Her last few days she spent not eating, drinking and would hide in the bushes. We knew it was a possibility of her dying, but didn't really expect it to happen because we thought she'd deli ever the puppies. I've never seen a dog this big as when she died. Needless to say, she never delivered, we never knew how many puppies were in there, and we woke that morning to find her in the dirt. What's sad is taking a pregnant dead dog to the vet asking them to take care of it. Ammon and Chris got her in a box and the three of us took her in. We got a card a few weeks later from all the employees there expressing their "sorrow" for Ginger's death. Her last picture doesn't do her poor little body justice. She was in such pain. Matthew has missed her and asks about her all the time. It was sad for my dad too since that was his favorite little thing. He took her with him all the time. She loved him and followed him everywhere. He babied her and didn't even get to see her before she died. It's been weird with just Brooklyn and Pain around too.
Lincoln Blackwood
RIPA few months ago, we decided it was in our best interest to get rid of a few vehicles around my parents' house since we really didn't want to worry about the payments. Well, much to our dismay, we got rid of more than a few. The Mercedes, the Beast, the Blackwood, the Neon and the boat all went by the wayside. The driveway never looked so empty. We were all so sad to know nothing was the same and sad that we had to deal with the dumbest bank in the history of banks (Credit Union 1...aka Cumorah)! The night after we left the hospital, we were driving up Charleston and we saw our Blackwood, or what we thought was our Blackwood. Sure enough, we turned around and checked it out at the Mexican dealership selling about twenty vehicles. There it was. Our BACKWOOD (yes, the L was missing on the back and everything). Chris was sad of course. But it was good seeing it again. We wanted to buy it, but that would completely defeat the purpose right? We ended the night at Applebee's for dinner with the whole gang who went to the hospital. It was good spending that really weird day with them though. It's always good to see Cody. We just missed Ammon. Again. Like usual. (One day he'll be around for things.)

Friday, March 18, 2011


Matthew doesn't have many friends. Okay, I guess you aren't supposed to have a BFF when you're 2, and I guess he doesn't really go anywhere to meet "new" people like adults or teenagers do. But, one friend he has invited him to a party. What's hilarious about 2 and 3 year olds is that they don't really "play" with each other. They play around each other. This party was no different because well, it was at the park. Maddie, Tabby's daughter, invited us for her Little Mermaid party. Let me tell you what a good job Tabby did! She made the cake (never got a picture unfortunately) and had some great decorations for this Under the Sea theme. I think I had more fun than the kids. But isn't that the point of little kids' parties? I totally think it's for the adults, because the little toddlers will NEVER appreciate the hours you put into it!
Well, as the favor for this party, he got a new pet. He knew exactly who this pet was and what his name was going to be because of his favorite series of books. The Berenstain Bears have a goldfish, he says. Goldie. Before we even left the park, the fish was named. He was excited to go home and feed him. And he was a great pet. He lasted days longer than Gavin and Reese's. The reason he died? A certain little visitor put some weird stuff in his water. Never knew what it was and Matthew never really asked about him afterwards, but I'm convinced that we could've had this fish for years. Why? When I was a senior in 2004, I got my mom a goldfish for her birthday. He's still alive. Over 7 years old. His name is Nicky II and he sits on the counter to welcome anyone in the home. The one before that was also named Nicky and he lasted six years. I guess it's all about how you take care of them. (Note to anyone who has a goldfish, don't ask Margaret to babysit!)
March 16, 2011-March 22, 2011

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bryan gets married.

There must be something in the air during March. At least in Vegas. Because people we know get married the second week in March. All. The. Time. Every year it seems. And that thing must be at my parents' house. It first started with Sloan who got married March 12, 2005 and had her reception here. Then Joanna came around four years later and wanted her reception on March 14th. Then when Bryan got engaged, he asked my mom if they could have their open house in the backyard. The day? March 12th. Well. That would have been fine if my dad would have been here to keep the yard up. But since he isn't, the yard was NOT in shape to have a little kids' party, much less a wedding open house. So, the Gines went to work. They are some of the hardest working people I know. Ammon was going to be gone for the army during the wedding and open house so he couldn't be much help. Chris worked crazy hours and my mom had to watch Evan. I decided that I needed to get out and do my part. The Gines brought dirt, sod and flowers in and we all went to work. I actually got experience in laying sod. Brandon taught me everything I learned and we ended up being outside that day until like 10 pm. We were under a major time crunch because the sod had to be in a certain amount of days before not watering, walking, etc. We brought dirt into all the flower beds and then Kris brought over a lot of gorgeous flowers. I went to work again and planted them all around. Chris and my mom got to plant some too. I learned how much I get done when Ammon is not in town. It must be a weird testosterone that kicks in or something. Because every time Ammon is gone, I always get SO MUCH MORE done than when he is in town. You would think that would be different since I'm a single parent when he's gone. But, none the less, I learned a lot this time around. I learned how to pull weeds with the best tool ever (where has that been all my life?), how to lay sod, rip out old grass and how to cut. The best part? I did most of it with red Crocs on. As ugly as they are and even though I never wear them in public, I learned they come in pretty handy (even if you get dirt in them). I shoveled and actually had a really fun time outside. We ended up benefiting from the sod because it looked absolutely gorgeous. It was sad that Steven couldn't come into town to see the wedding or the open house, but it was good to have a lot of the people we knew come to our house instead of us having to go somewhere else. They also asked us if we could make Oreo truffles for that day. Um. Hello. Those are amazing and I've never met anyone who doesn't like them. We dipped them in pink and I decided last minute to write a G on all of them with white chocolate. I'd say that the day, and the wedding the week before, turned out to be a big success. And Bryan? Good job in picking Makenzie. She sure is going to put up a lot (with him going to basic training May 3rd). Good luck Gines!We went to the sealing in the St. George temple on March 5th. Such a pretty temple and SO extremely white. I love it. I missed Ammon though!
Tate and Kelsie watched Matthew outside while we all went in. It was so funny because who did they have? Their nephews and niece and oh, Matthew. They were so nice to do it and Matthew sure loved it. He talked about it for weeks. He took his Angel Moroni with him this trip and lost it somewhere on the grounds. Oh well. I hope it made some little boy really excited. Or maybe it was a convert who found it and investigated the church. Then they got baptized. Then they became the next prophet. Okay. You get it. He lost his Moroni.
Always loves his Uncle Chris.
After the wedding, we stayed in St. George and went to Cracker Barrel and then we decided to go to Brigham Young's home and the Tabernacle. I'd never been before and my favorite part was being in Brigham Young's room upstairs. The stairs were so steep that he couldn't get up and down in them so his room became church headquarters too. People came from all around to meet with the prophet. I couldn't help but feel the spirit in that room. I wonder how many "visitors" he had that came from the other side. And my favorite thing in the room? His prayer stool. Can you imagine how much a prophet must've used that thing? I'm surprised it lasted this many years. I am glad that Matthew got to experience things like this too. I love that he gets to feel the spirit that I can feel and he's only 2. I know that one day he'll recognize what a wonderful place the temple is and have a testimony of the prophets too.
Oreo Truffles.
This is the table that Chelsey (Brandon's wife) did. She does a great job. They had a lot of food leftover and we got to keep some cream puffs and eclairs. We were kind of glad more people didn't show up (ha ha).
Matthew had the best time at the "party." He loves receptions, ward parties, you name it. If only he knew how much I don't really enjoy going! I guess I better become more like a little child!
No Ammon.
Here's the sod I helped with! The yard looked really good.
This was just such a sweet picture. President and Sister Anderson had no clue I was taking it, but I really watched them as they walked away. They immediately held hands and he led her. I loved this. He sealed Ammon and me on our wedding and I couldn't help but remember our sealing and what a great opportunity we had to have him as our sealer. He is a great example to my dad, to me and our family. We have really grown to love them over all the years he was in the Stake Presidency with my dad.
Good luck Bryan and Kenzie!