Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mitt Romney knows how to spell Ammon

Not too long ago (I say that a lot), when I went to Deseret Book and saw that Mitt Romney was going to be there, I knew that Ammon would want to go. I bought him Mitt's new book for Valentine's Day and he has loved the book ever since. He was excited about it. Ammon LOVES politics and since we are living with my mom and dad, that is a big topic of conversation quite often. Good thing I don't mind too much myself! Then, we found out that Mitt was going to Nellis Air Force Base and I knew then that we'd want to go there instead of Deseret Book!

Ammon went on the 26th to the gym and saw that there was a line flooding out of the BX and so we knew we'd be waiting in line. For weeks, Mitt Romney's face had been everywhere on base. I knew there'd be hours worth of waiting; boy was I wrong. We figured getting there over an hour late would get us there at a pretty good time, but as we (my dad and Chris came with us) got into the BX, we saw that Mitt was on his way OUT. We went up to him, Ammon had his book signed and they kept rushing him out like he was late for something. We got my dad his early Father's Day gift and Mitt got to sign his too. We got a quick picture and that was pretty much it. Not a lot of questions were asked; not a lot was said since he was leaving. My dad did ask if he was running again. That was of course, no comment. Not really.

Cool thing? This was his and Ammon's conversation when he first approached him.
Mitt: "What's your name?"
Ammon (in a very proud "mom-type" voice): "Ammon."
Mitt: "A-m-m-o-n?"
Ammon (in an even more honored tone): "Yep!"

Of course there was a little small talk after that, but you have to understand how rare it is for people to know how to spell Ammon's name. Even members of the church. When we were living in Utah, you would always know who really read the scriptures. People at restaurants wouldn't know how to spell Ammon and so many people couldn't even pronounce it after Ammon told them how to spell it (and after we'd talked about church). It happened quite often.

Ammon loved meeting him and so did my dad. And...I do have to say that I think Mitt Romney is such a VERY good-looking man. How weird it was to see him in Nikes and jeans, but he is tall and attractive and so much better-looking than the man whom-we-will-not-name-with-big-ears-and-who-throws-a-baseball-like-a-girl (thanks to Bishop Joseph for the agreement in that one). I mean, who wouldn't want this guy representing our country as president? COME ON!

Two questions I wanted to ask Mitt but never got the chance:

"Are you a Boston Red Sox fan?"
"When's the next session you're doing at the Las Vegas temple?"


Seth and Eryn said...

I LOVE Mitt Romney. When I was pregnant, he held a rally out at Brady Industries right before the caucus. Seth was going on about 4 hours of sleep, but we knew we had to go. We drove 35 miles, got stuck in traffic, and pushed and manuvered our way through the swarms of people so we could be close to him. We are going to Deseret Book for his signing, and I'm hoping he takes a picture with all 3 of us, because I will be using that as our Christmas card. haha!! And yes, he is a Red Sox fan. I mean, come on...he is righteous. :)

sloan said...

I met him today!!!! love him he is so handsome and a great man!!!!