Sunday, June 5, 2011

Addison's Blessing

When I think about the blessings that have gone on in our family over the last few years, I get excited. I love these blessings. They are so special. I remember Amelia's. We all went to Provo. Even my aunt Pam even though she missed it because she was late...(I know, weird, right? That Pam would be late. So weird.) Amelia was so sweet and extra special, because well, she was first. There will always be something exceptional about her because she came almost four years before anyone else.

Gavin's was sweet because he was the first grandson. He was one of the cutest little boy babies I've ever seen. Also at his blessing, I'd just found out I was pregnant and was sick as a dog. I hated it and was still in denial to telling people I was pregnant. We'd come down from Utah for it and got to have a luncheon at the Hadfield home. I was so busy with school, working at the temple and throwing up that I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I should've.

Then there was Matthew's. Eight months later. So many memories from this one. Ammon gave a wonderful blessing that made me realize how lucky I am to have a husband who holds the priesthood who can bless our children. Cody came down for it and Cliff was able to be there. Ammon's family isn't active in the church so he didn't get to have any of his family in the circle, but it was nice having mine there. Chris was in Romania and we missed him very much. It was also so extremely hot that summer in 2008. We had a nice luncheon afterwards and we had a blue chocolate fountain. That was so much fun.

After nine months pass, it's time for another blessing. We were leaving for Kentucky soon so I don't remember much about Reese's blessing but that we were so close. Since we were living in Green Valley at the time, it didn't take us much time at all to get to Sloan and Zane's ward. We again had a nice luncheon at Zane's parents' house. I remember how sweet Reese looked. And now, here we are over two years later at another one. I wanted this to be special because Shaun and Gina will not be having any more kids (unless they adopt of course) and because they've been waiting so long for this little girl to come. I'd been wanting to make white cake pops for a long time and so when Gina asked me to make cake pops for the blessing, I was really excited. I told her exactly what I was going to do and she didn't even have a chance to tell me what she wanted. I LOVED the way they turned out and they could possibly be my most favorite cake pops I've ever made. I LOVED having a blue chocolate fountain at Matthew's, but this was so...pure. So sweet and precious. Perfect for a perfect little girl. I also made her a sweet white binky clip that went perfectly with the day.
Addison Cora Bailey (ACB, just like Amelia)
Shaun did a really good job on the blessing. It was quite long, but for anyone who knows Shaun, is this really surprising?! Really?! We missed my dad again on such a special occasion, but Sloan wasn't able to be there either so it didn't feel quite as weird since we had someone else missing other than him.
Matthew probably had 13 cake pops. Okay, he would've if I would've let him. But this kid has a serious sweet tooth and if asked, he can tell you all about cake pops, cupcakes and cakes. He watches me do them once a week so he's become quite pro. We went to the store and went down the cake isle. "You making more cake pops Mom? Again?"
Pam, Koldin, Kathan and my Grandma Elva were all able to be there at the Cokers' house for the luncheon. We had some great pasta with even better bread.
I seriously wonder how weird it would be to have another baby? I can't even think about!
Congrats Shaun and Gina! And Addison? We love you girly!


Brittney Fullmer said...

You are amazing!!! What a talent you have at making things. I wish you loved by me. Good Luck with your move.